Welcome to Terwolde, the Place to be.

Terwolde is a quiet sleepy little village situated on the river Ijsel, water flowing from the German Hinterland towards what used to be called the Zuiderzee.


Although Terwolde is often experienced as a multi-cultural modern metropolis, in reality many locals can still be see huddling round small fires in the garden, clasping a glass of murky brown liquid, and talking nonsensical poetry to each other.


Currently Terwolde is become well known for its monthly night of Jazz, at which locals and visitors leave their small fires in the garden, for the cosines of the “Brown Café”, in which they don’t actually drink much Café, however continue to sip at the brown stuff, whilst listening to the sounds of music created by the funky jazz music people.


Terwolde also has lots of events and celebrations, generally experienced with a glass of the brown stuff. Terwolde’s local picture guru has published his impressions of the people of Terwolde on the site Terwolde Foto’s. Terwoldese be warned: if you don’t want to be seen doing something silly, - keep off the brown stuff!